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    The JCO Criticality Accident happened at the fuel re-conversion plant of JCO located in Tokai-Mura, Ibaraki, on 30 September, 1999, ignites the re-constitution of the meaning of safety recognition among fuel fabricators worldwide. To avoid any risk of occurrences of such an accident of this scale, world fuel fabricators among them, Japanese entities at the most, propose the establishment of forum to exchange the safety related information to foster safety cultures. Following the urgent topical meeting in Tokyo at the end of 1999, the International Network for Safety Assurance of Fuel Cycle Industries, INSAF is established in April, 2000. At the initial stages, the members are limited in the area of Japan, North America, Europe, the INSAF become a forum of sharing safety related information among fuel fabricators including Asian, South American members, now.

    Press Release (April 26, 2000)
    Press Release (December 6, 1999)
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